Order via HRX homepage can be placed without registration. But if you plan to use HRX services regularly we advise You to register in our online ordering system.  It will make order placing much easier for you. Registered users can save their consignees, next time choosing the needed consignee and delivery address from the drop -down menu. 

Order placing will take just a few minutes, and You at once will see that your order has been successfully registered in our system. The system allows printing of labels to mark your shipments and a CMR. Your shipment statistics will be available to you all the time. 

How to register?

Press the button “ORDER NOW” and choose option “REGISTER” to fill in the requested information about your company. Fill in all the fields, and do not use quotation marks.

As registration is completed the program will ask you to log-in.

How to fill in the order form?

1.After you logged in, you will see that Consignor information appears automatically.

2.Fill in pick up address. You have two options: 

2.1If pick up address is the same as Consignor (your) address just choose ”same as Consignor”  from drop- down menu.

2.2.If pick up address is different from Consignor (your) address, then first fill in all the required information and then save pick up address in the drop -down menu. The data will be saved and next time placing the order You will have to choose the necessary pick up address from the menu.

3.Fill in the data about consignee and also save it by pressing on “save consignee” in the drop- down menu.

4.Fill in unloading address. If unloading address is the same as Consignee address, just choose “same as consignee” from the drop- down menu and necessary information will be filled up automatically. If unloading address is different from the Consignee address, then fill in all the data and afterwords save the data by pressing on “save unloading address” in the drop- down menu.

5.Fill in shipment information (amount of pallets/ boxes, weight etc).

6.If necessary use Comment field to put any important information which we should know about the shipment, vehicle needed for pick up or delivery and delivery time.

7.When the order is completed (all fields marked with * are filled in), press “Send order” and in a moment You will see a message on the screen that your order has been successfully registered and sent to HRX system. That means that your order is placed.

8.If necessary print labels and CMR.

9.Log off or make new order.